Why Do We Prefer Custom Hang Tags?


Custom hang tags are more than just a practical way to let customers know how much your products cost. Our eco-friendly hand tag is an effective form of marketing that can boost consumers. Also, you can recall your brand and spread a message. Consumers normally make purchases based on the perceived image of your business. Therefore it’s important to have well-designed hang tags that not only draw attention but also contain any necessary information. 

At Tuck Box Packaging, our hang tag design incorporates your company’s identity and offerings when you sell. Our custom printed hang tags provide right information to the buyer.

Custom Hang Tags – A Finest Way to Enhance More Attention 

Tuck Box Packaging offers fine quality hang tags according to customer’s demand. Clothes with custom hang tags can be worn by anyone. A well-executed design will convey a message about the type of company. The various advantages they provide include: 

  • The prevention of fabric wear and tear 
  • Facilitating the process of locating desired clothing items in a jam-packed store 
  • The importance of buying the appropriate size 
  • Inviting unsatisfied buyers to send products back 

In addition to all of these advantages, hang tags are also a cheap and effective way to advertise your business. Also, hang tags offer an opportunity to purchase your goods. It is also critical for companies to make their items noticeable and simple to locate on store shelves. 

The Varieties of Clothing Hang Tags: What Do They Mean? 

There are a variety of hang tags for garments available nowadays. They can be sticky or non-adhesive, constructed of plastic, paper, metal, or cloth. Also, come in a wide range of forms and sizes. Clothing tags can have logos, images, or text information about the brand, and the style of the tag varies depending on the kind of garment. Here is a complete rundown of the many categories: 

  • Packaging labels made of paper 

It’s a common type of tag. These are composed of thin paper or card stock and have a simple design free of any fancy images. These tags are the bottom portion of a garment’s label. 

  • Label for Jeans Is Metal 

Silver foil hang tags and other types of metal garment tags may be found in a wide variety of forms. For instance, ovals, circles, squares, rectangles, and even hearts. For more formal garments like evening dresses and jackets. When longevity is a priority, metal tags are commonly utilized.  

  • Labeled plastic key chains with company details 

Products can be identified and advertised with plastic hang tags. Plastic hang tags have been used for quite some time. They quickly gained popularity due to being more convenient and less expensive.

  • Tags made of cloth for hanging purposes 

Cotton or polyester fabric hang tags are the most common, and they are sewed into the shoulder, side, or hem seam of a garment for durability. They’re frequently employed to make a prominent, shop-ready label for apparel. 

  • Tag leather for hanging 

Product tags can come in a variety of forms, but one popular form is the leather hang tag. A leather hang tag is a tiny label sewn onto an item to identify the manufacturer or brand. The leather hang tags are frequently attached to the garments by sewing or are located nearby. 


Where Can I Get Supplies To Make My Own Hang Tags? 

  • A tailor-made garment factory 

Find a bespoke garment maker that provides end-to-end services, from sourcing fabrics to shipping. Make sure they have experience with a variety of wholesale hang tags and that quality is guaranteed. The remaining can be saved for use in a future wardrobe. 

  • Design for your personalized hang tag 

For your unique hang tags to look their best, you’ll need a graphics editor like Photoshop or Canva. Your artwork must incorporate the specific design pattern, emblem, and informational language that makes up your label. You might also get in touch with any of the many apparel manufacturers that also provide design assistance. 

  • It’s Important to Triple-Check the Material, Size, Printing, and Embroidery Details

Clothes hang tags come in a wide variety, as we’ve discussed before. Hanging tags should be consistent with your brand’s mission and your consumers’ preferences. When working with a garment provider, you may specify things like fabric, size, color, form, cut, printing, and embroidery. 

Tips for Getting Custom Hang Tags

In order to properly showcase an item of clothing, the hang tag must accurately reflect the quality and aesthetics of the brand. You can use these specifications as a guide for designing your own professional-looking hang tags. 

  1. Figure Out What Kind of Material is Ideal for Your Purposes and Budget

Many businesses in today’s e-commerce market choose to use custom hang tags since they are more cost-effective, last longer, and attract more customers. Because of their respective advantages, paper and plastic are frequently used to package this item. Plastic hang tags provide a more polished appearance than their paper counterparts, while paper is an excellent option for individuals on a tight budget or who require it to be recyclable. Metal hang tags are more expensive but provide a more polished image than their plastic counterparts. 

  1. Hang Tags with Your Company’s Colors and Emblem

Your primary color should coordinate with the look of your packaging or branding so that consumers will recognize it right away. The logo represents your company’s identity. Include it on most, if not all, of your promotional materials and make sure it is easy for customers to find. Professionalism is increased when using hang tags that prominently display the corporate logo. 

  1. Make sure the artwork on your hang tags is of a high standard of quality

To maintain interest and facilitate client identification with your business, high-quality artwork should be crisp, clear, and visually appealing. Your design might benefit from you cutting out the unnecessary details and making it more straightforward. Additionally, sans serif and slab serif fonts are acceptable alternatives for usage in the hang tags. In most cases, these two typefaces will be the best options for any professional or corporate need. 

Wrapping Up

Meanwhile, custom printed hang tags are designed to suit the requirements of each shop. Also, you may get an original method of identifying and promoting brands and types of apparel. Furthermore, there are several varieties of garment hang tags that serve various purposes. If money is tight, paper hang tags are a great alternative. 

Having a solid buying strategy in place is essential before placing an order for personalized hang tags. Identifying the correct hang tags for your label will be helpful. If you want custom clothes but don’t have a design, you may either ask a custom clothing retailer for assistance with the design process or explore online design platforms. 

The Tuck Box Packaging crew enjoys taking on such requests. Our team reaches a level of competence thanks to the thousands of cooperative efforts in one-stop clothes manufacture. You can find out more info or get a quotation right now if you like. Minimum order quantities per design are typically set at around 1000 to 2000 pieces.